“Diana Rowan has been my most inspiring and powerful harp teacher. She transformed my relationship to the instrument and helped me prepare for several solo performances. She has a dedicated and loyal following of students who have gone on to success in the profession of music.”
Cassandra S.

“Diana Rowan is one of the best teachers I have ever had! She gives me just the right amount of challenge and encouragement. She is helping me with my problem of stage fright as well as my musicianship. I am ecstatic about her as a teacher!”
Adele H.

“Thank you, Diana, for the depth of your knowledge and teaching ability; I am so grateful for the incredible, musically vibrant, physically aware foundation you give me.”
Lorna S.

“Diana’s friendly, focused, and direct manner sets me completely at ease. She expertly imparts the skills and information that will move me forward in technique, improvising, composing, and performing. Her encouraging, creative and individualized teaching has helped me immeasurably!”
Robin M.

“I have been taking harp lessons with Diana over the past few years. Diana is such an inspiring instructor that I travel almost 60-90 minutes each way. She is the most caring, fully present and motivating instructor who listens, tailors her method toward the student’s interests and skills that makes the whole learning experience a true joy!”
Parisa A.

“I’ve been telling my friends about how wonderful a teacher you are. Not all great musicians or talented individuals can teach. Teaching is a whole set of skills on its own. I like how you incorporate different disciplines towards music since everything even seemingly unrelated is all interrelated.”
Aileen C.

“My lessons with Diana have been a truly remarkable experience. I really feel like I have been learning music as a holistic experience rather than a series of practice drills and rules. I highly recommend Diana for anyone seeking to get closer to music as an expression, whatever that expression may be.”
David L.

“Diana gently and patiently laid to rest my 45-yr-old internal naysayer, and through her almost sacred connection to music, and the Muse, taught me to trust my own ear, first and last. I am indebted to her for restoring in me the personal joy of music-making.”
Jeff W.

“Diana has the extraordinary ability to identify and encourage my own passions. She encourages me to truly explore my music and make it my own. Along with her unending patience, Diana’s genuine kindness is invaluable. I consider myself very lucky to be one of Diana’s students.”
Katie R.

“After a year of piano lessons from you I am more confident and much more willing to jump into new things and just not worry about how I look or whether I might even be good at it. I let other people worry about those things and I just ENJOY!!!!”
Kate L.

“Performance Mastery has completely changed my life. I’ve become re-centered in my belief that music is about sharing a ‘real’ experience. And with that intention, my worries about little mistakes and being perfect have gone out the window. Diana has started me on the path to creative development that I’m sure will continue.” E.L.

“In six short weeks, our Performance Mastery group showed intense reformation. All of us were able to access our individual artistry to empower ourselves, share our gifts with others in a positive way and ultimately find joy in performing.” R.B.

“That original inspiration to create sometimes is lost along the path of the performer with concepts of perfection (often from outside sources), creating incredible fear. Dr. Rowan encouraged me to find the real reason for making music in myself and then provided practical methods to allow my message to come forth with ease and joy.” J.C.

“What an adventure this has been to me! With the group’s support, your encouraging presence and all the great tools you have shared with us, I realize that I CAN do this. Being part of a group facing the same fear and working through it together has been such an enriching experience, I am very grateful for this time with all of you! Of course Diana was our master, but you have all taught me!” Sonia D.

“I learned that Preparation is key so that the performance moment is as stress-free as possible. This lack of inhibition enables me to tap into my energy and deliver a genuine performance. Diana is a wonderful teacher and mentor!” Erin T.

“On the run up to my first ever public harp debut, I have been lucky enough to be privy to Diana’s fascinating, wholly effective methods. Learning Centering helped me to considerably lessen performance nerves and gave me the ongoing ability to connect with myself and my harp and to deliver the beautiful, heartfelt performance I so desired.” Tracy S.

“The concert went so well! I found the time went by very quickly. You’re right, performance allows you to learn far more than practice alone!” Sara M.