1-1 Lessons


Are you a harpist who longs to play with power and imagination,

but instead you struggle and feel stuck in a rut?

From 20+ years of music teaching, I developed The Harp Ecosystem. It is my ultimate vision for getting results for harpists. Because of these outstanding results, the Harp Ecosystem is the only way I teach now.

When people ask me if I teach 1-1, the answer is yes, absolutely! And our 1-1 lessons are even better now, as they happen within the context of the Harp Ecosystem.

10 months into launch, every Harp Ecosystem harpist has surpassed their goals, which were high to begin with (that’s what I encourage!)

Even though we know more about teaching and learning music than ever before, the vast majority of harpists I meet are deeply unhappy and anxious about their playing. And it might surprise you to know this is true whether they are beginners or professionals.

They feel they should be further along. That they haven’t completed enough pieces. And probably the most painful one, that they can’t express what they hear and feel in their heart and soul, that their life work is not manifesting. Secretly they fear they might have no talent or have “lost it.”

The Harp Ecosystem addresses all of these problems quickly, kindly and joyfully. We’re super practical, and at the same time laser focused on our deepest reasons for making music. We get it that in order to play with heart and soul we have to speak to the heart and soul, in addition to using proven practical strategies. We walk between both worlds!


What is the Harp Ecosystem?

A complete learning system & community:

  • Combining 1-1 lessons, group meetings, monthly trainings & private online community
  • Comprehensive: the Ecosystem gives you the support you need as musician in today’s changing world
  • Works smarter, not harder – we’re all about cross-training & leveraging what we already know for giant leaps
  • 100% online, a truly global system! (1-1 lessons may be in-person)

If you long to truly advance your harp playing, your artistry, your career, this powerful program is for you:

  • Are you a dedicated musician who doesn’t get the results or satisfaction you expect?
  • Do you dread performing yet love playing harp?
  • Are you searching for an artistic community that works at high level yet is also good-humored and supportive?
  • Are you uncomfortable defining your value and communicating it to the world?

As harpists, one of the most dangerous problems we face in our musical progress is isolation:

Isolation brings many unwanted results; lack of motivation to practice, getting stuck in a rut creatively, getting off track between lessons, practicing in a haphazard fashion, or learning a technique the wrong way causing us to actually go backwards!

Another serious problem is not enough time to focus on our music. We feel bad about our progress, confused about what to spend our little time on, and guilty about not making the most of our lessons. This crushes our motivation and creativity.

The third – possibly the most serious – problem is lack of information and community. As solo instrumentalists, harpists often get stuck in the past regarding learning, performing, negative mindsets, technology, business practices, and collaborations. At the Harp Ecosystem we address all of these and move out into our communities with big, fresh presence.

These problems are why I created the Harp Ecosystem for dedicated harpists.


The Harp Ecosystem combines best Western & Eastern

musical practices for the first time:

Modeled on 3 pillars:

  1. The rigor of Western musical training
  2. The apprentice-mentor relationship in Indian classical music training
  3. The spiritual support of the Buddhist sangha community, the Harp Ecosystem takes advantage of the great powers of each of these to manifest even more mighty results:
  • Reclaim the joy of playing: enjoy practicing again, confidently share your music, perform fearlessly & powerfully
  • Play better, with more ease, progress faster, and set yourself up for success
  • Clarify your artistic message & advance your career: support your art, GOALS and career in a rapidly changing musical landscape
  • Join the truly supportive harp community you’ve been searching for: strengthen your motivation, access ongoing inspiration plus encouragement with a group of amazing, accomplished & kind fellow-harpists in a safe space.


What results do Harp Ecosystem members get?

This has been such a rewarding experience, and the support and friendships I’ve found with all of you has been immeasurable. The Harp Ecosystem helped me to find my musical voice, clarify my harp goals, build a community of like-minded musicians, and explore the soul of music (along with technique!) Just to put a face to some of the growth that I’ve experienced, I’ve created a 39 minute CD (25 minutes of my own improv, something I had never even really contemplated until three months ago), I’m providing harp for a Reiki CD, and built my harp website. So I’m thrilled! Katy, Chico CA

I’ve found amazing support, inspiration, and encouragement because of the Harp Ecosystem. As a comparatively new harpist, I thought I would be left behind in the dust, but instead I have found wonderful friends and mentors as we share our music, our hopes, and our fears. Being able to get advice immediately on technique as problems occur is such a help! Adele, Berkeley CA

My life and my harp life has expanded greatly because of our connection. To be witnessed and to witness other people working through their harp journey, struggles, triumphs, and questions and then to be supported and to support has been a true gift. In the safety of a small group to be exposed in loving eyes, ears and response has been a warm blanket and a pillow of ease. Wendolyn, Fairfax CA

Very limited openings in this tight-knit community for the perfect candidate: those looking to play with beauty, abandon, artistry and generous spirit. We’re changing the face of harping!

Is the Harp Ecosystem is right for you?