Performance Mastery (PM)


There are 3 Performance Mastery Courses:

• Performance Mastery (intensive 6-week course limited to 7 participants)

• Performance Mastery EXPRESS (4-week course open to more participants)

• Performance Mastery Teacher Training (for teachers and supervisors wanting to help their students and employees perform with confidence)

Why join a Performance Mastery Course?

How much would it be worth for you to be able to:

  • no longer fear rejection or the making of mistakes?
  • experience every opportunity to perform as a highlight of your week?
  • finally get over stage fright?
  • perform with ease, confidence and joy?

By joining the Performance Mastery Course you learn by DOING (the only way possible) first-hand from an award-winning performer who has really been there.

From my own real struggle with performance anxiety I have learned to truly transform fear into performance power. I’ve taught dozens of students, young and old, how to conquer their fear once and for all.

You really CAN perform with ease, confidence and joy and I’m so confident that you’ll get results that I offer:

  • 100% money-back guarantee *

You’ll work in a safe, confidential environment. In this intimate gathering of other performers who have experienced similar struggles that you have, we walk step-by-step from paralyzing fear to actual enjoyment of performing on stage.

“Our group showed intense reformation. All of us were able to access our individual artistry to empower ourselves, share our gifts with others in a positive way and ultimately find joy in performing.”
Rebecca, professional pianist & teacher, Berkeley CA

Who are the trainings for?

All performers and public speakers who want to stop living in fear and step out confidently onstage, on camera, anywhere in the public eye:  musicians, singers, lecturers, teachers, leaders. Teacher training is for all those who want to help their students and employees perform more confidently.

When are the trainings?

Click here to inquire about the latest openings.

How are the trainings delivered?

  • LIVE ONLINE sessions. Cameras shared for you to perform. This is key to working with real performance energy in the ONLY way possible – by DOING
  • Q&A available throughout
  • All sessions recorded so you can review
  • Private Facebook Group support page for duration of programs: share performance videos, ask questions, make friends, stay supported during our entire journey together
  • Support materials – selected articles and resources for ongoing learning

Do I have to perform/speak live during the program?

Yes, engaging with performance energy live is the ONLY way to gain real tools to manage real life performance situations. Know that we’re here to support you 100% and your privacy is guaranteed! You may opt out of being recorded during the training.

Will this program really help me?

If you engage fully with the program, you’ll absolutely have much more experience, confidence and understanding of performing fearlessly. If I turned around my outrageous case of performance anxiety, so can you! See GUARANTEE below.

How do I know my investment will be worth it?

This is a unique opportunity to work directly with performance energy in a real yet totally confidential setting. To work through this material 1-1 with me won’t reproduce the performance experience enough, plus it would be many times more expensive. Watching members of our group work through performance energy provides unique insight into the process, speeding your progress in turn. Working with a therapist or other modalities is much more expensive, plus you just don’t get real performance experience using those platforms. For the price of 2-3 gigs, this program delivers massive results plus value for you. Consider how much your performance anxiety is costing you in real terms, and the investment in this program is worth it many times over. See GUARANTEE below.

What results do performers get from PM trainings?

Previous participants say:

“That original inspiration to create sometimes is lost along the path of the performer with concepts of perfection (often from outside sources), creating incredible fear. Dr. Rowan encouraged me to find the real reason for making music in myself and then provided practical methods to allow my message to come forth with ease and joy.”
Rebecca B.

“What a gift you have been to me, Diana! The training in Performance Mastery is eroding the lifetime of terror I have felt about playing for others, and the rich companionship of my instrumentalist/vocalist friends has given me so much joy and encouragement. I find myself actually volunteering to play for others! I can now live my dream of being able to bring music to others.”
Adele H.

“What an adventure this has been to me! With the group’s support, your encouraging presence and all the great tools you have shared with us, I realize that I CAN do this. Being part of a group facing the same fear and working through it together has been such an enriching experience, I am very grateful for this time with all of you! Of course Diana was our master, but you have all taught me!”
Sonia P.

“Miracle worker! I learned that preparation is key so that the performance moment is as stress-free as possible. This lack of inhibition enables me to tap into my energy and deliver a genuine performance. Diana is a wonderful teacher and mentor!”
Erin T.

“On the run up to my first ever public harp debut, I have been lucky enough to be privy to Diana’s fascinating, wholly effective methods. Learning Centering helped me to considerably lessen performance nerves and gave me the ongoing ability to connect with myself and my harp and to deliver the beautiful, heartfelt performance I so desired.”
Tracy S.

“The concert went so well! I found the time went by very quickly. You’re right, performance allows you to learn far more than practice alone!”
Sara R.

Why should I trust you?

I suffered from extreme performance anxiety from the age of 9. It was one of the worst cases I’ve encountered in my 30+year career, with anxiety for weeks leading up to the performance, throwing up, crying, leaving the stage, you name it, I did it. From this sad state, I have managed to turn things around to the point I perform solo worldwide for discerning audiences with joy and presence. Performing did NOT come naturally to me, although now many people comment that I’m the most natural performer they’ve ever seen. I share with you step-by-step what I did to get to this point of security and happiness. I’ve taught many of my students to perform with grace and ease, something which I am very proud of. You can trust me by my personal experience and results.


I’m so confident you’ll get results from these trainings that I offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

The conditions:

  1. You must show up and perform at each training
  2. You must do all the assignments on time
  3. You must have an exit interview with me

Want to be sure Performance Mastery is right for you?