FLOW Harp Technique (FLOWHT)

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“Short yet true – good technique gives me the freedom to make the harp sound like I want it to.”  Katy Valentine, Chico CA

What is FLOW Harp Technique?

FLOW Harp Technique (FLOWHT), created by myself, Dr Diana Rowan, is based on the Salzedo classical harp technique approach combined with body-honoring arts such as yoga, tango, belly dance, and Feldenkrais.

With 8 simple principles, FLOW Harp Technique:

  • is easy to understand and fun to learn
  • works for all types of harp
  • is suitable for beginning to advanced harpists
  • uses “evergreen” techniques that always deliver results
  • sets you free to play the way you really want to – for life!
  • rewards you with gorgeous sound, rhythm control and healthy stamina
  • works directly with body mechanics

Why learn FLOW harp technique?

As a harpist, do you ever find yourself:

  • inconsistent on expression and rhythm?
  • wanting to learn healthy and sustainable harp technique but don’t know where to start?
  • stuck on a plateau/can’t play at the level you want to?
  • unable to create what you hear in your head as an artist?
  • injured and barely able to play without pain?

Then, FLOW Harp Technique can help. I created this technique because every week I get the same call/email from frustrated harpists with one or more of the issues above.

So, if you struggle with your harp playing, learning FLOWHT can be exactly the transformation you’ve been seeking. Start FLOWHT today and begin to unlock your true harp playing potential.

FLOW Harp Technique video course components:

  • 6 pre-recorded trainings of 2+ hours each
  • 6 PDFs with main points of each session spelled out for easy retention
  • 8 super-short summary videos of each of the 8 Principles for rapid review
  • Bonus exercise videos which reinforce the 8 Principles with original, flexible patterns developed by Dr. Rowan – these exercises can also be used as the basis of improvisations, compositions and arrangements!
  • invitation to join our Private FLOW Harp Technique Facebook Page where you will meet with other harpists from around the globe to share your inspiration and questions with!
  • FREE copy of the FLOWHT eBook when it is released later this year

FLOW Harp Technique testimonials

“YES THE TECHNIQUE IS WORKING!!! [student had painful previous injuries that prevented her completely from playing] I am using the same postural integration when singing in choir, and THAT is working like a charm too. I actually volunteered to take a solo descant, which I never have done before, because I felt so solid. Who knew, all these years of voice lessons, I should have just taken harp technique! This is retraining my brain.”
Mary McFadden, Ottawa, Canada

“Flow = freedom.”
Tracy Sullivan, Brighton, UK

“Playing the harp is a physical act as well as a mental and spiritual one. If I do not pay close attention to how I am playing technically, I simply cannot produce the music within me. I can think of a lot of analogies. Since I love to cook, perhaps a simple one would be that one cannot make a good omelet by putting eggs in a pan any old way. The eggs must be mixed right, then cooked gently at just the right temperature for the right amount of time, or one gets an ugly, inedible mess, not an omelet that melts in one’s mouth. The huge importance of “placement”, is something I keep having to remember, for example, or I am completely unable to achieve a musical line but instead have a bunch of disjointed notes. Diana, I am so very grateful that you emphasize good technique from the very first!”
Adele Hanson, Berkeley CA

“I played a very long gig yesterday, well past my self-assigned max of 3 hours. When my shoulders started to get tight, I remembered Diana’s advice and lifted my sternum, which lowered my shoulders. The tightness disappeared! I managed the almost 5 hour gig with just a bit of tightness in my shoulders; my fingers and arms were all okay, and my playing was still accurate at the end when typically fatigue would cause some stumbles. Thanks for the great tip, Diana!”
Joanne Griffin, co-founder of Northern Lights Harp Fest, Ottawa, Canada

“I want to personally thank you for putting together this training on harp technique.  So grateful to finally know exactly how to shape my practice and performance to bring my best to life with total control and utter relaxation.  I couldn’t be more excited to begin this journey!”
Professional, full-time harpist, San Francisco CA

“Thanks so much for doing this and being so technology flexible. I am learning SOOO much.”