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  • World Harp Techniques (WHT)

  • Bring power and originality to your harp playing. World harp techniques instantly bring your music to life! They work for any style and level of playing to unlock the true power of the harp and reveal your unique voice.

  • Performance Mastery (PM)

  • Transform fear into performance power with a master performer who has been there, plus a community of supportive peers. You CAN perform with ease, confidence and joy! Guaranteed results within 6 weeks.

  • FLOW Harp Technique (FLOWHT)

  • FLOW Harp Technique marries the healthiest harp techniques with body-honoring arts such as yoga, dance, and Feldenkrais for today’s harpist. With 8 clear principles, FLOW Harp Technique is easily understood and learned. It sets you free to play the way you really want to – for life!