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arpists, are you called to:

Find your true musical voice, the one that sets you apart from all other harpists?

Finally master the technical skills you need to perform at your highest level?

Manage your harp practice so that you get maximum results with no time-wasting?

Get over stage fright and in fact learn to be a magnetic performer so you can play anywhere with ease & power?

End your isolation & find a community of like-minded, supportive, inspiring harpists to see you through the inevitable ups & downs of being an artist in today’s world?

How Bright Knowledge Academy helps harpists play & perform better

As a harp teacher, I became increasingly disturbed that harp students and even professional harpists would have energetic lessons and play fantastic repertoire, yet between lessons, things fell apart. Progress was a rollercoaster, despite everyone’s best efforts. This was a frustrating mystery for everyone – other teachers confirmed similar or even worse results.

Harp students and performers would lose motivation and start doubting themselves. They secretly feared others were more gifted, that perhaps they had nothing significant to offer the musical world, that they had no business sitting behind a harp. These harpists wondered why progress was glacial, and said scary things to themselves like “I don’t have talent/I’m not smart enough/I’m a bad student/I’m a fraud as an artist” (I’ve actually heard harpists say these aloud!)

This was pretty heartbreaking, as for most of these harpists, playing harp was a lifelong dream. For some of them, harp was their livelihood. Really, it was a serious situation.

There had to be a missing link, and I became obsessed with finding it. Harpist dreams were on the line!

As a world musician who lives, plays and travels globally, I knew first-hand these issues were not universal or inevitable. In fact, in classical Indian music, students are consistently highly motivated. Their amazingly emotional and powerful playing is a testament to a system that works.

This was the start of piecing together the missing link in Western music making and learning. I was as excited as if I’d found buried treasure. In fact, what I’d found was way more precious!

After years of research, finally I brought together the best of Western and Eastern creative and teaching practices for the first time. The results so far are harpists who finally feel they’ve come home. Home both to themselves and a true community. And as a result they’re thrilled to be playing and creating like never before.

Welcome to Bright Knowledge Academy!

What does ‘Bright Knowledge’ mean?

Bright Knowledge (from the Gaelic imbas forosnai) means “instant illumination.” While I’m a big fan of diligent work, I’ve also witnessed instant artistic breakthroughs, and I bet you have touched this phenomenon too, even if it was just for a second. You can access these breakthroughs if you set yourself up right.

At Bright Knowledge Academy you learn how to access these creative forces consistently, using both Western and Eastern approaches.

How can Bright Knowledge Academy help me?

BKA gives you the tools to find your own musical voice (yes, you definitely have one!), share it with the world with integrity, and thrive in a community of forward-thinking, positive musicians. No one is an island, and as artists let’s face it, we especially need an ongoing, supportive community.

What are the practical components of BKA?

BKA offers online courses, 1-1 coaching, several private, active communities depending on your focus, plus resources such as books and recordings.

We are a complete artistic Ecosystem.

BKA is both unapologetically artistically and spiritually focused while also being intensely practical. Our goal is to have you playing the way you’ve always dreamed of. So, you’ll learn tools that bring you noticeable results, not just “inspiration” or other vague notions that bring no tangible change. We’re not happy until you start playing harp the way you want to!

How is Bright Knowledge Academy unique?

BKA is built on 3 pillars:
• the rigor of Western musical training

• the deep immersion of Indian classical music training

• the support of the Buddhist sangha-style community as a place of refuge and safety (you don’t need to be a practicing Buddhist – this is more about admiring the philosophy)

BKA is the first academy of its kind to combine of the massive powers of each of these to create an even more mighty result.

Is Bright Knowledge Academy in-person or online?

Being a worldwide academy, BKA works 100% online (1-1 lessons may be in person), gathering students and artists from all over the globe.

Join our big mission: to further our mutual vision of high artistry, spiritual relevance, and reclaiming music as a powerful force for transformation.

“Diana Rowan has been my most inspiring and powerful harp teacher. She transformed my relationship to the instrument and helped me prepare for several solo performances. She has a dedicated and loyal following of students who have gone on to success in the profession of music.”
Cassandra S.

Founder Dr. Diana Rowan

I know music changes lives, sometimes instantly. As a lifelong musician, I’ve had the privilege of performing and teaching worldwide. From Eastern European Cathedrals to the US Embassy in Hanoi, Vietnam, to the Smithsonian in Washington DC to prisons and healing centers, the power of the harp to dramatically move people enthralls me.

Sharing this power is my mission. When I see my students step out into the world in their own artistic voice, it moves me to tears. When I hear the impact our music on others, it gives me hope more than anything else possibly can.

As a teacher and performer, my greatest goal is to foster lasting transformation. This is very practical: I get my students to play better, with more power, confidence and sheer artistry. For my audiences, I take them on a deep internal journey, and they find themselves changed forever at the end.

I honestly believe music is one of the most potent tools for healing ourselves and our world.

And I almost lost it all. I suffered from extreme performance anxiety since I was a child. This finally led to me giving up music entirely for 4 long years. The trauma of this (and my wild-ride journey to transforming into a powerful stage performer), gives edge to everything I do. Music is not a luxury: it’s the quickest way to access our deepest needs, beliefs, emotions, soul. So I’m committed on a soul level to helping you get your voice first clearly inside you, and then out in the world. We’re talking serious stuff here.

I believe in working with mentors who can actually do what they teach. Besides performing and teaching full-time, I hold a Master’s degree in Classical Piano Performance and a PhD in World Harp Composition. Bridging Western and World perspectives is at the heart of everything I do. My students and audiences get an expert, inspiring, and global perspective, and deserve nothing less. I look forward to helping you make your harp voice ring out!

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